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Information security declaration

Friendly asseveration

User understands completely and agrees that Shu-Te University(will be named this “website” in the following paragraphs)only serves to provide various legal and security information. This website does not directly provide products appeared in the related search, and as a result, does not guarantee the legality of each product.

The user understands completely and agrees that this website only offers web pages. When the user is in suspect that his/her legal right might be exploited, he/she should immediately notify the website administrator and provide related evidence. After receiving such notice or evidence from the user, this website will terminate the publication of information that’s been claimed against, to protect the rights of the user.

Only when the user makes a false claim or provides false evidence should take full legal responsibility. When this website recognizes the information claimed against is illegal, is ethically debatable, and is invasive toward general public’s rights, this website will terminate the publication of this information at all cost. This claim is based on the laws of Taiwan. If the user is involved in any litigation due to violation of this claim, the user agrees to take the local court, whose judicial power encompass the location where our machine is, as the court to held the first trial.

Asseveration of intellectual property

The copyright and intellectual property of the related content of this website, including paragraphs and sentences, pictures, photos, and multi-medias…. etc, are owned by this website. All of this website’s legal rights are protected by the copyright, intellectual property in Taiwan and International treaty. Should the user have any question regarding the right holder, please contact Shu-Te first. Contact method: mailbox. 

The user is not allowed to take the information provided by this website and reuse it on any publication, website, search system, or any other similar place. The information of this website only consent with downloading or printing all or part of the information provided on the website for non-profit personal use. The “any form” mentioned on the second item includes but not limited with on paper, electronic, mechanic, audio taping, video taping or any other form. The “utilizing” mentioned on the second item includes but not limited to remake, edit, spread, deliver, display, perform, publish, empower, derive, transfer, sell or any other form.

This website only consents with constructing a word linkage to it for browsing and searching (non-profit) purposes. If the user wants to construct a hyperlink of diagrammatic clicking, or use the link for profit making purposes, please contact Shu-Te first and acquire consent from it. Contact method: mail service. The user agrees to take the local law court that exist at the area of where our machine is at as the court for the first trial, when the user is involved in any litigation due to violation of this claim, and be trailed based on Taiwan.

Self protecting procedures

Please place your pass word or personal information in a safe and secure place. Do not provide your personal information, especially password, to anyone. After completing web service application, reading e-mail, area of administration maintenance procedures, please log-out of your account. When you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, please remember to close the browsing window, to prevent others from acquiring your personal data, mail, or enter the secure area.

If you have any question about your privacy rights in social affairs bureau of Chien-chen, Kaohsiung, you are welcome to contact us.