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Privacy policy and declaration

Friendly asseveration

Dear friend, your personal privacy is absolutely respected and protected by Shu-Te University. Pleas read at length the privacy policy in order to help you understand how Shu-Te University collects, applies and protects the personal information which you supplied. Here comes the collected information, the applications and the privacy policy of Shu-Te University.


The privacy policies below apply to the personal information collected, applied and protected while you stay in Shu-Te University.

The collecting policy for personal information from Shu-Te University

Based on the different services from Shu-Te University, collect profile from the users : ? On-line activities:

  1. You will need to supply your name, identification numbers, phone numbers, e-mail address and real address to website for joining the on-line activities.
  2. Comment reflecting (serving mailbox and desiring forum): You will need to supply your name and e-mail address when you are reflecting your comments.
  3. Otherwise, the server will keep the correlative record (including users IP, logged time, browser, browsing and link visiting history), while you’re perusing. The personal information you added in desired forum such as e-mail address and name are not protected by the private policy of Shu-Te University.

The applying policy for collected information from Shu-Te University

‧On-line activities and Internet marketing

The names and identification numbers of interviewers which Shu-Te University collected are only used to inform lottery participants of the results. Phone numbers, e-mail address and real address are use to contact winners. Other profiles are only use to do characteristic analyzes or academic purposes. Shu-Te University will not use the personal information to any other purpose without the agreement of interviewers.


After you register for Shu-Te University membership, all the information entered will only be used as reference for service and activity designing. Any information which is not a product of your active registration, (users IP, logged time, browser, browsing and link visiting history...etc), will only be used for general users' behavior analyses, and not for individual observation or analyses.

The applying policy for cookies from Shu-Te University

Cookies are brief notes that the server's end write into the user’s hard disk through browser for customizing to different users likings. You can change the level of acceptance of cookies in Netscape through 「Advanced」 of 「Setting」 or 「Security」 of 「Internet Option」in Internet Explorer. These includes accepting all cookies, receiving notice received when making changes on cookie, and shield all cookies. If you choose shield all cookies, you may not use some personalized services, or participate in certain activities.

According to the intention and situation below, Shu-Te University will write and read cookies in your internet explorer: For giving better and more individual services to help you join personally interactive activities. Cookies will be established while your register or log in, and the will be edited when you log out. For counting the number of browsing and analyze the browsing mode to realize the situation of website browsing to become the model of reforming service from Shu-Te University.

The policy for giving personal information to others from Shu-Te University

Shu-Te University will not sell, change or rent your personal information to others discretionarily. Shu-Te University will only share your personal information to others in these three situations. When the public safeties of the government ask Shu-Te University to disclose particular personal information, Shu-Te University will follow the legal steps, and do the required coaptation.

When someone may against the service clause, damage or determent the rights of website users or Shu-Te University, Shu-Te University will believe it is better route to expose the person’s personal information to identify, contact or do some legal activities. Otherwise, based on good will to believe exposing (something) is needed for legal requirement or preserve and improve the product and service to arrange or else, the website of Shu-Te University will expose or read user’s personal information.

The policy for advertising this website or e-mail system from Shu-Te University

Shu-Te University will not send advertising information or e-mail to you, before obtaining your agreement. Except the routes of advertising the website, this website will not use the personal information to any other commercial purpose.

Self protecting procedures

Please place your password or personal information in a safe and secure place. Do not provide your personal information, especially password, to anyone. After completing web service application, reading e-mail, area of administration maintenance procedures, please log-out of your account. When you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, please remember to close the browsing window, to prevent others from acquiring your personal data, mail, or enter the secure area.

The directory service for privacy policy from Shu-Te University

If you have any question about your privacy rights in social affairs bureau of Chien-chen, Kaohsiung, you are welcome to contact us.