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Department of Digital Technology & Game Design of Shu-Te University was invited to go to CeBIT Exhibition in Germany

Department of Digital Technology& Game Design of Shu-Te University signed an internship deal with famous international company,(GAINWARD),which famous for producing motherboard and graphics card in 2007. The Department was invited to the biggest computer exhibition (CeBIT) in the world in Germany between 28th of February to 9th of March. Second year student, Cheng-Wei Hsieh from the Department of Digital Technology& Game Design went to the exhibition to show his work, and it was the first time a college student's works was displayed in the exhibition. Those famous companies in Taiwan, such as, FOXCONN, ASUS,ACER,TATUNG, MiTAC, TECO, CHC, CLEVO, D-Link were also at the exhibition. The work was designed and completed by those students: Cheng-Wei Hsieh, Chien-Yu Chen, Yi-Lun Lai, Chun-Yang Chang, Che-Ming Chang, Yuan-Wei Li, Kuo-Cheng Wang, Meng-Che Wu, Han-Po Huang, Che-Lun Hsu; department's director, Yi-Kuan Li, technician, Cheng-Wei Peng, and master student, Tung-Ling Chiang supervised on the side.

The product was using the most advanced technique called「Human Factors& InteractionTechnologies」By the way,「Human Factors& InteractionTechnologies」 mean people could use their bodies's movement to interact with the digital sound materials showed on the screen withous using mousse, keyboard, and remote control. Currently, the best known products used this technology are Wii and PS3.

Currently, among the entertaining industries and display industries in the worldwide「Human Factors& InteractionTechnologies」is the hottest technique in digital technology, and Department of Applied Information Technology in most universities and colleges around the nation all put their emphasis on developing in this area. Those universities, NTU, NCTU, and NCKU put a great emphasis on developing technology in this area and applied it on the「Future Living Technology」.For Department of Digital Technology& Game Design of Shu-Te University, through technological exchange with the Europe they got crucial techniques in arrears such as,「Extend the Reality Realm」,「Multiple players can Operate & control in」,「Applied hand device to access the Internet」,「Giving 3D full image」,「Human Factors& Interaction Technologies」, and「3D sensor with six axes」. Among those techniques,「Hand device to extend the reality realm」, and「Multiple players control independently in virtual reality with 3D」are the two fewer techniques that the Department of Digital Technology& Game Design of Shu-Te can keep the pace with academic organization in NTU, NCTU.

The content of the work displayed in CeBIT Exhibition used ground reflection interacting technique. It could produce「Erasing」and「following」effect between human and the work. The work reached the commercial standard, and it is used in the newest exhibition in National Science and Technology Museum. Director, Yi-Kuan Li also worked on actively talking to publicists in Taiwan, Mainland China, and famous hotel-chains, and he planned to sign a internship deal with those industries. I assumed we can see different media display which broken the traditional rules in the market very soon. Using higher digital「Human Factors& Interaction Technologies」which is more advanced than Wii became a trend.

Director, Yi-Kuan Li said it further, the department set up a interchange platform with Department of Digital Interactive Media in Vienna University and Hungary university, and they also sign a partnership deal with a famous Interactive Media Technology company in Europe at the same time. They introduced the latest「Digital Game technology」, and「Interactive Multimedia Technology」to their curriculum for their second year student. And it is the only department in the nation who introduced international technology exchange program for undergraduate. Many freshmen form last year were invited to publish their works in Europe, and they also won the first place in National 3D Virtual Reality Design Competition and claimed many awards from other national competitions related to digital contents.

Department of Digital Technology& Game Design of Shu-Te University has not been established over two years, and number of students were not exceed one hundred but the amount of money won by the students were over twenty thousand dollars. There is a close tide between the department and industries. The students would not only help themselves to earn the tuition fee but also learn a lot of professional knowledge and techniques related to「Digital game Technology」, and「Interactive Multimedia」.

Figure 1: " The student in CeBIT Exhibition in Germany. "