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SHU-TE University’s creative ecological journey won the first place

Students from Department of Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management of SHU-TE University enter the「Green Festival.Giving a Broad View of Green World- Creative Ecological Journey Competition」held by Ministry of Education for college students, passing through preliminary qualification, final report, beating all forty groups around the country. The team consists of four members, Hsiao-Min Cho, Meng- Yan Tsai, Tsen-Pei Chien Chang, and Shu-Ping Lin, and they all are third year student. The project helps them to claim the first place is called「A Pleasant Journey into the Nature~Tao Mi Eco-Village」, and they also receive ten thousand dollars」; Yi-Jing Hsu, Shu-Ju Tsai, Chiao-Yi Chuang, and Yi-Ling Hsus’ project「ECO-friendly IN LOHAS」gets the second place. Moreover, 「 Meeting trees and winds」 from Hsiao-Ying Wang, Ling-Yun Chen, Chia-Fang Chang, Chia-Ling Kao, and 「Smooth” Running” Southern Taiwan Parents and children’s Park」 from Kaohsiung Hospitality College are also selected as excellent works.

The winner Hsiao-Min Cho, Meng- Yan Tsai, Tsen-Pei Chien Chang, and Shu-Ping Lin are good buddies, and the four have unspoken consensus. They get their idea from news report about the anniversary of September 21st earthquake on television, plus recommendations from their friends who live in Nantau. They quickly set up a team and select Tao Mi eco-Village as their main axis. They go to search information separately in order to check whether the project is feasible. The team go to Tao Mi Eco-Village three times just in the month of November, and starting a field works. Luckly, their friend who lives in Nantau gives them supports, offers room and board for them, so they can keep their budget tight.

「Lien Hua Pond」is a scenic spot that the four students give the strongest recommendation in this trip. It’s a route unfamiliar to tourists who travel to Tao Mi eco-Village, and it is also the only mountain area in the whole nation which is below the sea level. There are beautiful broadleaf trees, fireflies flourishing in the night sky, rare tree frogs, and uncountable water plants. It is a good place to travel for people of different ages.

Although they did not win the price by only recommend some scenic spots only, the program designed by the students are profound, cover every aspects, use「happy Learning」as their core value. They combine four goals which include environmental, ecological, cultural, and experience the natural environment to reach their final goal letting students learning and enjoying themselves at the same time. They provide three ecological routes to meet the needs of different age groups and markets at the same time. The three route include「A Fun and Entertaining tour for Parents and Children」,「Outdoor Educational Program for Student」, 「Fun and happy tour for Lovers of Nature」, and the schedule takes two days and one night. Student, Meng- Yan Tsai revels that they have argument with their supervisor, director Wei-Jen Chen about what age group they should target on for their student tour. Finally they decide to set the students’ age between six to twelve because director Chen thinks it becomes less effective if you put the target on junior high school or senior high school students. On one hand, those students get a lot of pressure because they need to decide whether they want to advance their studying. On the other hand, those students are very independent, and it is a big class. It is more suitable for elementary school students than those students from junior or senior high.

Figure 1: " The four winning students in their usual poses (Front row from left: Hsiao-Min Cho, Shu-Ping Lin; Back row from left: Tsen-Pei Chien Chang, Meng- Yan Tsai). "