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Shu-Te University went to Majia hometown in Pintung county to promote watery life of science on 30th January 2008.

Figure 1: " The scene "

Associate professor Han-Tzung Yang in Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management in Shu-Te University took eight students of the department to hold a research and study camp named「 Watery life of Popular Science activity」in winter vacation. Using「Watery Science」that we can see everywhere in our daily life as a theory and foundation, combing teaching, experiencing, participating and competing they taught children to know the link between water resource and Life science. Thirty children participated in the camp had great fun and found the activities were very interesting.

Associate professor Han-Tzung Yang thought promoting the popularity of「Watery Science」 was part of National Science Council's plans called 「Life Science」and「Reducing the gap between children in rural and urban areas in Studying of Science」. The purpose of the plan is encouraging teachers which specialized in this field to go to teach those children in rural areas. They use simple experiment to bring student's interests in science Thus it also help us to build up roots about future scientific researching experiment in children's mind.

The design included five units:「Rushing Water Spouts」,「Running Currents」,「Running Waterwheel」,「Jumping Fountain」, and 「Water Filter in Old Times」.「Rushing Water Spouts」 experiment try to use water container to set up a mark under the water, and the students use bursting power of water spout to aim the mark to understand the changes in bursting power. 「Running Current」try to let the students to understand the speed of water flow in every conditions; The content of「Running Waterwheel」 was designed by the students themselves, and they also made the waterwheel. We try to let students to understand the basic scientific principle of hydroelectricity and its application;「Jumping Fountain」using the principle of changing in water pressure designed a simple water jumping show, and the students are amused by the true color behind the beautiful water jumping show;「Water Filter in Old Times」mimic the making of water filter in early times and observe the process of changing murky water into pure water. Through this the participants can understand the filter and attach function in filter.

Figure 1: " Completion of waterwheel "

During the process the students also understand science is not only a theoretical principle in ivory tower, but we should also integrate science into our daily life. Moreover, through the DIY we immersed ourselves in the fun and group interaction of「Watery Life Science」, and this is a memorable experience of the lifetime.