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Two Students from Shu-Te University Won “iF Concept Award”

“Universal Scale” developed and created by two students from Shu-Te University—Jie-Yi Wong of Department of Product Design and Shu-Hong Ye of Graduate School of Applied Art and Design—has won iF Concept Award 2008. Their faculty advisors, professor Liu and Lin, are proud of them.

The committee of iF Concept Award 2008 has received 2100 works from 37 countries. Five hundred works were selected in the primary. In the second round, the committee has chosen 300 works. Only 100 works are allowed to enter the finalist and given the title of “Best 100”; the creators are awarded monetary rewards and certificates. These awarded works are in exhibition in Hannover, Germany (CeBIT). Students from other Taiwanese universities, such as National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Chiao Tung University, National Taipei University of Technology, and Shih Chien University, are also on the finalist.

The concept of “Universal Scale” originated from Wang’s idea on the foldable computer keyboard and Ye’s expression and description on holistic creativity. They proposed the concept of a universal scale, which can be folded or extended as needed. Wang believes that a foldable and extendable scale provides various functions to meet the need of different users. For example, its extendable and foldable function allows patients to sit or lie down on the scale while to be weighed by medical professionals.

Professor Lin stated that experience in the International Case Study Design Program and the opportunities to interact with exchange students from Auburn University are beneficial to Shu-Te students. These experiences not only broaden students’ horizon, but also motivate them to become ambitious and competitive, thus setting role models for others.

Dean Liu pointed out that the Department of Product Design allocates funding from the Teaching Excellence Award to set up an “elite laboratory” which provides students opportunities for research, discussion, and brainstorming. Works of design masters from around the world, such as Sapper's kettle with a two-tone whistle and Michael Graves' kettle with the bird shaped whistle (both Alessi’s trademark products), Wegner’s Y chairs, and Artemide’s lamps are also housed in the laboratory. In addition, visitors can also see faculty’s works, for example, Dr. Chiu’s glasswork, Dr. Lin’s creative design on stationery, and Dr. Yang’s metalwork, as well as work from students exhibited in the laboratory. With such an environment, students are inspired to create unique works, and it also helps promote and improve the overall ability of the students and faculty members alike.

Students who won iF Concept Award 2008 will receive a certificate and the right to use the iF concept symbol on their products. Their creation will be displayed indefinitely on iF website, which are viewed by more than 2 million times yearly. The organizer will also make the English and Germany description of the creation available on the website. The Ministry of Education in Taiwan has identified iF Concept as a first level international competition, and these two students will receive monetary rewards.

Figure 1: "The awarded students and their faculty advisors photographed in front of their creation. (from left to right: Liu, Wang, Yeh, and Lin)"