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  • No.59, Hengshan Rd., Yanchao, Kaohsiung County 82445, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

About Shu-Te University

Introduction ↑Top

Shu-Te University is committed to achieve excellence in teaching and developing higher standards for tertiary education training in the fields of business and commerce, recreational services, and design industries. 

In 1986, the Shu-Te Institute of Technology was founded in Yen Chau, Kaohsiung.  And in 1997, the Institute initially offered four undergraduate programs:  Information Management, Business Administration, Applied Foreign Languages and Interior Design.  The next year, another four programs were added: Insurance and Finance, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, and Early Childhood Care and Education.  In addition, the Extension Education Center was established to offer four-year degree programs in both day and night school divisions for full-time and part-time students. 

On August 1st, 2000, the institution was renamed Shu-Te University after obtaining accreditation from the Ministry of Education.  The accreditation was the first one of its kind in southern Taiwan.  Eventually, the academic programs were expanded to fourteen departments and seven graduate schools.  Shu-Te University's institutional motto is being Academic, Intellectual, Happy, and Hopeful. The university is also committed to developing students with skills and knowledge not only in the humanities and sciences but also in organizational leadership and problem-solving.  The University currently consists of five colleges with a total of nineteen departments, nine graduate schools, a doctoral program, continuing education division, and the two-year continuing education vocational school. 

Through its programs of instruction, research, opportunities for continuing education, and collaborative relationships with private enterprise, public and nongovernmental organizations, Shu-Te University is able to fulfill its commitment to its organizational mission.  This mission is to produce qualified professionals equipped with a broad knowledge-base, specialized technological expertise, creativity, and experience needed to successfully meet the challenges in their future careers of the 21st Century.

University Facilities ↑Top

Shu-Te University is a new university of science and technology that aims to provide students with the best learning environment, including state-of-the-art facilities, which are continually updated to meet the highest standards. The University facilities are as follows:

●Excellent Campus Network Infrastructure

.A high speed campus network is in place-a Gigabit Ethernet connects to TANet and TWAREN. A Lease Line directly connects to overseas with transmission rate 150 Mbps.
.Virtualized Servers provide campus information systems with highly reliability and extensibility.
.A high quality 802.11ac wireless network service covers over 95% campus including dormitory.
.All campus members are able to use Single Sigh On service to enter all campus information systems conveniently.
.Pass ISMS (Information Security Management System) certificate for safely campus information service and ISO/IEC 29100:2011 for privacy protection.

●The University Library

Occupies 7,700 square meters and possesses more than one thousand periodicals, over 310,000 volumes collections Aincludeing books Bmultimedia material and bounded periodicals, and advanced multimedia equipments.

●Professional Interpretation Laboratory

Professional design, management, and information technology laboratories covered the use in areas and applications such as e-commerce and virtual reality, first aid, metal, ceramics, glass, wood and bamboo, man-made digital simulation, visual reality, digital communication, preserving scientific instruments, traditional color drawing maintenance, digital computer, knitting design, modeling design fabric composition, shuttle weaving design, printing and dyeing design, fabric science, fashion projects, materials and combustion, furniture and space design

●Teaching Resources

.All campus information system accounts are integrated with Google services to support the services including Google Mail, unlimited space Google Drive, etc.
.To provide highly quality e-Learning services, Moodle platform for web-based learning service and Adobe Connect for providing video conference.
.All classrooms have the facilities digital lectern, projector, etc.
.There are many useful software are authorized in campus.

●Campus Web Facilities

The Campus computer network in the University was originally built with ATM switch and fiber communication technology to meet bandwidth specifications to integrate information, and satisfy the requirements of various kinds of telecommunication. In 1999, the University established its campus computer network with Gigabit Ethernet technology to connect the core equipment in each building on campus and to promote the connection with a speed up to 1000Mbps.

●The Administration Building and Multi-function Assembly Hall

Completed on April 21st, 2007 and spanned 28,764 square meters. The following facilities are located in the new building:
.A 6-storey high multi-function assembly hall which is suitable for volleyball, badminton, and basketball use.
.The assembly hall is 10.5 meters deep with a 26.8 meters width and 10 meters in height performance
.stage. The assembly hall is available for rent to school
.clubs or groups.
.The basement has a fitness room, a rehearsal room, a music practice room (stringed instruments and Chinese
.classical instruments) and is suitable for art
.performances as well.

●Administration Resources

.An Electronic Documents and Forms system.
.Campus E-management   system   (Campus Information
.Integration, Curriculum Information management, Course
.Selection System, Student record management, dormitory
.Management, faculty  evaluation  management, online equipment
.repair and maintenance tracking management, staff publishing
.management, human resources management, goal management,
.alumnus records management.
.Availability of an online video conference system. 
.Real synchronous and asynchronous media on demand (MOD)
.English listening teaching networks.
.1 large-sized lecture hall.
.2 middle-sized lecture halls.
.2 International conference halls.
.Several specialized ladder type classrooms.

Features ↑Top

  • Modern Campus architecture that reflects the spirit and mission of the university.
  • Advanced Gigabit high-speed Ethernet fiber campus network.
  • Availability of elective courses according to students' interests.
  • The first human sexuality research center in Taiwan.
  • The only human sexuality research center and graduate school in southern Taiwan.
  • A Digital Arts Center to promote the use of digital tools for arts instruction and production.
  • A research center for Non-Governmental Organizations to integrate civil resources to facilitate international network exchange and dialogue.
  • An Innovation Incubator Center to cooperate with business
  • Interaction with the local community to develop strong
    Neighborhood partnerships.
  • An English zone which promotes practical English to improve English ability and practical usage.
  • Student safety and awareness on campus.
  • Availability of a Million-Dollars Dream Come True scholarship which is awarded to deserving students.

Student Clubs ↑Top

There are 64 student clubs: 10 in academic fields, 8 in music and drama, 4 in communications, 8 in music, 13 in sports, 9 in service areas, and 17 others that cater to different student interests.

Campus Life ↑Top


4 male and female dormitories. All new students are welcome to apply for a student residence (air-conditioned or normal rooms) on campus where personal telephone numbers, a Gigabit high-seed Ethernet Fiber Campus Network, and RO drinking water are provided. The surrounding Nantze and Dashe areas offer many recreational places of interest for students. Nonresident students may make use of university buses.


An on-campus garden cafe and fast food restaurants in each of the dormitories cater to the different eating preferences of the students.


Convenience stores, campus bookstores, and a photo-copying center are all conveniently located on campus. Students can easily shop for common products for daily use and also stationeries and books.

Student Life:

The University has indoor recreational facilities for aerobics, table tennis, billiards, basketball, volleyball, sand beach volleyball, and tennis. The swimming pool, bowling alley, bicycle practice field, movie theater, and Karaoke are available at private recreational centers contracted by the University which are located outside the campus.


The University is located in Yen Chau, adjacent to Qinan Highway and 500 meters from the South Highway 2 Exit of National East 10 Highway. It is five kilometers from the Nanzi/Qishan Exit of Highway 1. The University is thirty minutes from the Kaohsiung Train Station and Taiwan High Speed Railway, or from Kaohsiung Hsiaokang International Airport.

24 Hours emergency hotline (6158024):

24 hours emergency service is available to students on campus to address emergency issues that may arise. Committed specialists offer their services to both students and guardians.